August 8th, 2005


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i've been to nearly ten bookstores in the past three days looking for that fucking history book we have to read. i've had no sucess finding it. i really don't think that bentley should require so obscure of a book, especially if they wait until a month before school starts to notify you that you have to read it. i wanted to get it to read on the beach, but looks like that won't happen. oh well, i got "Sex, Drugs, and Cocopuffs", something on that ever-growing list of books i've been meaning to read for a long time. it's hilarious. i actually laughed out loud at the gym today while i was reading it. that was kind of embarrassing.

i used to think that i was a cuddler, but listening to emo song lyrics about holding someone close for comfort has made me realize i'm really not that type of person. cuddling is only nice because of the suspense that it might lead to something else, or for reassurance that you're interested in somebody. cuddling for the sake of cuddling is silly and outdated. if you need to keep warm turn on a space heater, or perhaps grab a blanket. if you want to cuddle it should lead to someting more.

on a related note, i want a boy. not neccesarily a boyfriend (although it would be nice), but just some sort of crush to keep me entertained. or a booty call of some sort. my hot tub is going to waste. i also probably need more friends because i'm sitting here on the last night before i leave for almost a week analyzing the importance of cuddling and feeling a little desparate. i guess summer's getting old, but that doesn't mean i want school to start.

okay, i'm done.
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