July 17th, 2005


i like it when my car smells like peach blunt wraps and cigarettes.

i can't really come to a verdict as to whether i'm really enjoying summer or not because my mood changes every couple of days. i'll go through a mini-rut where everything just seems painfully boring or lonely, and then next thing i know everything is alright. who knows. it's all probably just a result of overthinking everything (mindless work seems to get me into that habit) and being so tired and sick of most of the people/routines in my life right now. i need to meet some more new people and make some new friends, i think. that's always fun.

the past few days have been some of the good ones though. not sure why. probably all the froyo i've been eating or something. i've been getting out, doing random things like going to parties in sketch parts of oakland where i barely know anyone (heh, it was a fun night) and buying hats that are meant for black people at flea markets (i'm trying to trick myself i can pull it off because i really do like the hat. maybe it could become my "thing"). drinking and smoking and just going out without worrying about any real obligations makes me wish summer would never end and that dealing with back to school/college applications etc. shit would not have to come so soon. i'm just not even going to think about it right now.

mexico this weekend. surfing, tanning, chilling on the beach, etc. i'm kind of juiced.
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