June 24th, 2005


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i have too much time on my hands, so here's another survey.

TEN people you enjoy spending time with
(in no specific order):

1. i'm
2. not
3. going to
4. answer this
5. because someone
6. always
7. gets left out
8. and i don't want to
9. choose
10. just ten.

NINE things I'm wearing:
1.bentley sweatpants
2. underwear
3. old navy tank top
4. hair tie
5. nose ring
6. earrings
7. mascara
8. perfume
9. ummm, more earrings.

EIGHT things on my Mind:
1. the boringness of my job.
2. the shower i will take soon
3. what to wear to greg and andrew's cocktail thing tonight. (but dressing up is fun!)
4. the water i am drinking
5. what i'm doing this weekend
6. why i haven't seen anyone for so long.
7. sleep
8. i kind of have to pee.

SEVEN items I Touch everyday:
1. my hair
2. the keyboard
3. my book
4. water (shower, swimming)
5. my phone
6. my tooth brush
7. bread

SIX things I Do everyday:
1. eat
2. brush my teeth
3. talk on my phone
4. sleep
5. bite my nails
6. shower

FIVE things I want to Do before I die:
1. fall in love
2. go to europe
3. let everyone important in my life know what they mean to me.
4. do something memorable or impactful (yeah that's really vague)
5. have an orgasm (it needed to be said. sorry if i've offended anybody).

FOUR things I will Never do:
1. live today again
2. accept my sister's strange obsession with albino reptiles
3. surgically separate my webbed toes
4. get in a car with a dirty mexican stranger

THREE things I Do when I wake up:
1. open my eyes
2. look at what time it is
3. get out of bed.

TWO of my favorite foods:
1. cereal
2. froyo

ONE person I love more than any other:
1. cassi!!! (AWWWWWWWW)
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