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June 3rd, 2005


summer's gonna come it's gonna cloud our eyes again

Posted on 2005.06.03 at 15:11
Music: decembrists-sixteen military wives
school is officially completely over. summer is here. get juiced...?

for some reason i can't. i'm trying to tell myself that i'm just stressed/dreading sat 2's tomorrow, and once i'm completely done with that i will feel better. but somehow i know that's not it. i just feel like there's always going to be something to do, something to stress over and summer just isn't going to be as tight as i expected it to be. i'll always find something to keep me from being happy or enjoying myself entirely and i know that so many of the things i've been dissatisfied with lately aren't going to change just because school is out. if anything, the abundance of free time and reduced obligations will only make those things worse. but no, i'm supposed to be excited about all of that freedom, right? right now i don't feel so much excited as empty.

i hope i'm proven wrong. i can't have fun unless i let myself, and a bad attitude is nowhere to start. (w00t! let's be positive.)

okay, sorry, that was a downer. time to see the pants movie, which i am actually VERY juiced about.

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