June 2nd, 2005


feel the wrath of the super rad.

it's quite possible (knock on wood) that i'm about to be making 200 dollars a week this summer. apparently that's not a lot, but it seems like enough to me, so there. i'm juiced.

in other news i am a senior. crazy. it's some sort of cruel joke that we have sat 2's the day after school gets out though. my mind cannot have peace until saturday afternoon. i also still have my history essay to spruce up, so maybe i'm still a junior afterall.

i had a dream last night that the animals rebelled against the humans, and because i was the smallest person the rebellious birds (they were the leaders of this movement) could find, they carried me away to their lair and pecked at me until i surrendered. then salamanders infested my car. it was not a pleasant dream.

oh, and survey time:
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ps. somehow i downloaded "barbie girl" in japanese the other day. i'm digging it. i'm also digging the playlist i have going on right now that consists of andre nickatina, aquabats and songs from rent.

pps. i've had this journal for about three years. crazy.
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