May 30th, 2005


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i did absolutely no work this weekend, and for once i don't really have to feel guilty about that. i don't have any school this week and have very little to do. i am slowly easing my way into summer mode. i still have sat2's next weekend which i haven't studied for and i am really dreading doing so. i tried to be slightly productive and figure out some college stuff for those ugly, old, utah college people but reasearching colleges is so boring. they all seem the same in the book, and i know whether or not i like college will have to do with me and not the place.

i need to figure out my summer. i need to get a job, maybe take some classes somewhere so that i can stay busy (hopefully creative writing, or maybe a.c.t?). i feel like i complain so much during the school year that i really need to cherish all of this free time and do everything i've planned at some point when i didn't have the time, but i'm pretty sure i'll end up wasting most of the next three months anyways. still, i need to get on this whole planning thing because summer has (thankfully!) snuck up on me. i also really want a boyfriend this summer. haha. probably not going to happen. meh, i'm kind of a loser.

i feel really dissatisfied and bored with everything.
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