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May 4th, 2005


half way through.

Posted on 2005.05.04 at 16:56
Mood: boredbored
Music: less than jake-look what happened
spanish ap sucked. having to read six passages in a language you are not comfortable with when completely exhausted is no recipe for sucess. meh, at least the essay was easy and the directed responses were pretty simple. i'm not going to stress over it.

one of the hardest parts of aps is those little label thingies you have to seal your multiple choice booklet with. i always try to put them on straight and un-crumpled but something always go wrong. then i try to redo it but i end up ripping the paper.

despite the fact that i've had two aps in the past two days i've been quite relaxed. i have no other homework, no real classes, and both of my tests so far have required minimal studying. that's about to change though, i think. us history and bio will be time consuming because they require so much memorization. oy vey.

i want to go kickboxing tonight! i'm going to give lisa a call in a bit. or maybe i should crack down on history?

oh yeah, something kind of weird: my dream had like a theme song in it last night. it just kept on playing in the background, kind of like a movie. i think i made it up, because it definitely wasn't any song i know. when i woke up i had it stuck in my head. there were lyrics and a melody and everything! how weird.

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