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May 1st, 2005



Posted on 2005.05.01 at 00:03
i don't think my dad has any respect for the fact that other people live in this house sometimes. usually i'm amused (or at least joke about it) but i'm not in the mood right now.

yeah, it sucks when people just are too self absorbed or just aren't aware of how their actions might affect others. some cases it can lead to just feeling awkward and pissed. other times it just makes you feel really shitty and inadequate. like all of you insecurities are being validated and shoved in your face. oh wait. i'm definitely not talking about the same thing i was when i started this entry.

Posted on 2005.05.01 at 15:27
oh man. the limit of myspace's amusement is infiniti. there are too many stories to tell, but for now i'll just leave you with some message i got today:

Hey jessie how you doing?
i want to show you my world
cuz i can tell from your looks and your intrests your a different type of girl
you aint shaddy like the others, naw you keeping it real
so i ask for your permision, just a minute of you time
to tell you what im all about, i can even do it in a rhyme

haha. learn to spell you fool! i ain't shaddy?! yay, i've always hated those shaddy types.

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