April 23rd, 2005


i like being cynical.

oh man. today was actually fun.

after doing a tad bit of homework this morning, i got froyo with luke and saw the weirdest asian movie ever with him (oldboy). it was too much to handle, and i'm not sure what it was about except for incest and violence. i think some guy told a rumor in high school and was then imprisoned for 15 years and then pulled people's teeth out. what a silly story. after the movie i chilled at luke for a bit and watched a british show called "the office". it was hilarious, and the accents made it even better. good times.

tonight i'm heading out to marin, which i should be more excited about. i just don't really want to party, which seems to be all we do out there. oh well, i think i'm going home early so i will have an excuse for being sober besides the fact that i'm a square, which i don't think these kids will find too cool. oh well, i'll try to have fun. i'm social, i swear.

tomorrow: mock ap, study session and TOO MUCH homework. JOY!
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