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April 15th, 2005

Posted on 2005.04.15 at 09:33
i am so bored with everything right now.

Posted on 2005.04.15 at 18:49
Mood: happyhappy
Music: cars-just what i needed
basically don't even try to say you have better friends than i do because i am convinced that such a thing does not exist.

so today i go to my dad's house for five minutes to take my pro-yo (that's my new, fun name for prozac, by the way). while i'm there i get two text messages: one from kirin that says bandits have attacked my car, and one from christine telling me that pidgeons have shat all over my car. so i go out to look and on the trunk sits a big box wrapped in pretty paper with two cute little boxes taped onto it. in the big box was the prom dress i really wanted, but didn't get because due to recent events i have been silly and dramatic and decided i didn't really want to go to prom. in the little boxes were notes from kirin and christine. they were honestly some of the sweetest things anyone has ever written to me, i almost cried! i will keep them until the paper wears thin and they disintegrate in my hands. plus, they got me hell of juiced for prom with promises that we can be cynical about people's dresses and dancing skills. man, i couldn't ask for better friends, or prom dates (yes, kirin and christine are my prom dates, be jealous bitches).

kirin and christine, i love you guys!

Posted on 2005.04.15 at 22:26
yuck. next time i smoke, remind me that i never, ever have fun when i'm high.

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