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March 29th, 2005

Posted on 2005.03.29 at 17:22
i don't feel like doing homework right now. story of my life. but seriously, somehow i have very little that is actually due tomorrow and that makes it very hard to get myself motivated. i might go for a drive, but i'm a little worried because i was supposed to get my oil changed a good 2,000 miles ago, so driving can't be too good for my car. maybe i'll go to the gym or something in a little bit. anything but calculus, thank you.

hm, let's see. nothing exciting happened today. well, i went to school, which seems to becoming a rarer and rarer occurance for everyone lately, so maybe it's worth mentioning. i realized my time is better spent at home for most of the classes. unfortunately i don't think my teachers would agree with me on that one.

my keyboard is really gross. it has food on it. ew, i am a little bit disgusted with myself.

okay, most pointless entry ever.

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