March 17th, 2005


st patty.

okay, not much to write about.

the most exciting part of my day was getting cast as someone who gets hanged in the crucible. i wasn't expecting a big part because of laramie project and the fact that i have like zero acting experience, so i'm excited to actually just be in a play. even if i only have like 10 lines and i die. actually, that's kind of tight. this way i can get credit for a play and still have time for aps and elections and all of the other joyous adventures that await me in the coming months.

ooh, i also found a way to get to bentley from either one of my houses without getting on the freeway once! that's pretty much what i did this morning when i felt like double history was a waste of my time. that and sat at royal ground for a while drinking black coffee and reading "year of the king" for drama. good book. i felt kind of cool.
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