March 15th, 2005


fuck history, i say.

today was a really bad day. not for any particular reason except that i was stressed out. kind of about history, kind of about the rest of the work i have this week, kind of because i've been really dissapointed in some people lately. i'm sure everyone sitting with me at lunch was slightly apalled by my bitchy comments. i just wanted to go driving and listen to brand new so that my music would match my mood.

in other news i met with fofo. she's useless. she basically told me the only schools that would be good for me were amherst and vassar, and everytime i mentioned something else she would make a face and be like " can't see you there". um, do you even know me you silly woman?

we're doing laramie project in work in progress, which is exciting because it's such a powerful play and i'm glad that bentley is doing it and i get to be part of it. i also tried out for the crucible. i hope i get a good part but chances are slim seeing as i've never done a play before. i think elizabeth would be cool because she's such a cold hearted bitch.

i have brain freeze from froyo and i still have history to study.
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