March 7th, 2005



look what popped up in my inbox today! no warning or anything.

Can I dare to speak what I am through
What I feel, night, every night
After sunset, after light

It is the tease of moon, it is the rustle of the oaks
The crush of the waves, the frost that makes me quiver
What I cannot escape, I cannot avoid
What I suffer, every night, after light

Harder and stronger as days pass
Loneliness collapses on me
I reach for you that I can never
Hope to touch, you are all away

whaaaaa?!? okay so the intensity doesn't come through in email the way it did in flower printed paper or in balloons that float up to my window, but i'm still a little blown away. i'm not sure how comfortable i am with someone i haven't seen in seven months telling me that he yearns for me every night as lonliness collapses in on him. those crazy turks. (okay, sarah is probably the only one who really get all of this).

in other news, foley is crazy. she called me into her office today ( i didn't have an appointment or anything) and gave me a HUGE book of college majors and told me to choose what i wanted to do by tomorrow. this is honestly the biggest book i have ever seen in my life. she is off her rocker. foley the fooly if you will! (i know, i'm clever).

i have no work tonight. life is brilliant! someone come get froyo with me.
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