February 28th, 2005


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i hate being sick. i am like an old lady who can't breathe without a slight wheezing noise, and when i laugh i start to cough like i will never stop. it's acutally kind of scary when you are driving on the highway and you can't breathe.

because i'm sick, there is nothing interesting to report on my day. (as if there would be something interesting had i actually done something. well, i guess i could talk about minisemesters). the only thing of mild importance is that i have a slight aversion to homeless people who sleep in sleeping bags in the middle of the street at the moment. honestly now, there are plenty of corners out there where you won't be stepped on by an unexpecting girl who is spacing out and doesn't see you (or at least doesn't completely register that the lumpy sleeping bag in the middle of the sidewalk could be occupied). whoever you are, i'm sorry for waking you up, but you really gave me quite a scare.

in other news, i can't deal with this two weeks at a time set-up. both of my parents are crazy. i'm suprised i turned out as well as i have.

and finally, i'm not usually one to post lyrics in my journal (kind of suprising considering the music fiend that i am), but i am loving this song lately. play it on repeat style: Collapse )

the lyrics are depressing, but the song is amazing as a whole.
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