February 24th, 2005



okay. ixnay on the emoness for one moment. i have the best friends in the world!! let me recap the adventure that was this morning!

1. get a text message from kirin, telling me to go to my car. find flowers on my car and a note informing me of the scavenger hunt that is about to take place, and telling me my next clue is at kit's house.

2. go to kit's house, find a barnes and nobles card on her car and she comes out of the house with a cup of coffee for me. on the card we found our next clue, telling us to go to alex's car.

3. on alex's car we find the next present, and the next clue. the gift was something only i would appreciate: sat words on tape! haha. the clue tells us to go to ayesha's house.

4. at ayesha's house we find another present on the porch. i open and jump up and down because it is the garden state dvd, and garden state is definitely one of my favorite movies. i think i will watch it today and flip to all the sweet parts and sigh. the clue at ayesha's house tells us to go to school and to remember the number 221 and to look for other numbers along the way.

5. kit and i drive out to lafayette, and on one of the overpasses to the freeway is a sign that says "happy birthday jessie!" and has a locker combination on it (now 221 makes sense, it is a locker number). kit and i stop to take down the sign (how could i not keep it?) and head on over to school.

6. at school i go to locker 221 and put in the combination that was on the sign. in the locker i find the final present! a super duper cute pink coach wallet! i actually saw it at the coach store the other day and wanted it, so i flipped when i saw it in the bag. kirin also wrote me the sweetest card ever, which will be cherished for a long long time. we also met kirin at school and went out to breakfast, took cassi to school and drove around for a bit.

i was so upset last night/this morning but i don't even give a shit anymore. i love my friends so much, i couldn't think of a better present than them just showing me how much they care!! i'm so happy right now.