February 20th, 2005


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i love break. just not having to worry about a bunch of work due tomorrow is so nice.

yesterday was a lot of fun. i went to telegraph with kit, kirin and cassi, ate frozen yogurt in the rain, got a new nose ring, bought hippie bumper stickers with kit and got a cd at ameoba. went home with kit and watched "the waking life" (one trippy movie) and contemplated the complications of our existence. i really want to have a lucid dream now. went to the gym and read for a little bit, just to clear my head, and then smoked with kit, ivy and cassi. we just drove around in the oakland/berkeley hills for a while, which was fun until we got stuck in a big cloud of fog and i couldn't see five feet in front of me.

later i met up with alex and we picked up ariel, aka swiss cheese brain. as we were driving to the midnight movie he decides to let us know that he just did a line of coke before leaving the house and proceeds to tweek out for the rest of the night. other than that, the movie was so much fun. ivy and lyzi were there (i acutally ended up seeing anna nelson, patrick haas, schem and luke also! i'm sure tere were a lot of people i knew). i love the breakfast club. i also got a shirt because it was my birthday. it's about an xxxxxxxl and has a man with a bat on the front of it. perfect for me.

now i am bored. i want froyo. i need to get my hair cut. it's too fucking long right now. i want hip bangs like the cool kids have.
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