December 29th, 2004


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a pleasant trip to the diesel bookstore ends in disaster!

..a soy chai in my hand, postal service in the background and a charmingly flamboyant yet nerdy clerk helping me out. i finally got gifts for my parents (by the way, as anyone read "crossing california"? it looked good so i picked it up for my mom, but some actual feedback would be nice), and picked up "heart breaking work..." for myself (how long have i been wanting to read that book? i don't even know. i guess that is one name off the "i've been meaning to but i don't have time" list. of course, that is assuming i DO have time to read it. :/). I go to checkout and all of these gifts and self indulgences add up to over 100 dollars! i had to put them on hold and will come back to get them after i cash all of my checks from christmas. damn, i really need a job. i'm debating ditching the old local bookstore sympathy routine and hitting up barnes and nobles instead. after all, i do have a discount card there. but oh dear what will my iffeminate, middlesex loving, george bush hating diesel friend say when i don't come back? this is truly a dillema.

and i still have yet to do any homework.
okay so here is the plan:
-take cassi to pier one while i go grocery shopping and maybe b&n (12:30-2)
-do my math (2-3:30)
-swim (3:30-5:30)
-go over to dad's (5:30-6)
-maybe be social tonight? eh..we will see.
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dear life,
when did you become so hectic?

dear jessie,
when did you become such a procrastinator?

in other news, i think i need to recount my dream from last night. i can't do anymore math homework because it is making me anxious. i only have 1 and a half more sets to go, so i think i will be alright. i can finish by the end of the day definitely, and therefore my 12/29/04 goal will be accomplished. dream...
we were on one of those beach surfing trips with the malmuths and skollers, chilling in the water, preparing to catch some sick waves. for some reason we were in new york, right across from manhattan on a little island, and the water was like 80 degrees. all of a sudden the lifeguard instructs us to evacuate the water because it is feeding time. next thing i know, the water is swarming with seals. so many of them i can barely move. coming towards the shore is a herd of orca's coming to eat the seals. they dive in and out of the waves as i freak out because i don't want to see the seals die. but they do. and the whole beach (filled with tourists) just watches as the water turns red from the orca's wild massacre of the poor seals! finally the feeding frenzy calms down, but we are all afraid to go back in the water because of the possibility of a hidden orca mistaking us as a seal. so someone calls the new york animal patrol to come inspect the ocean to make sure it is safe. they fly over the bay on little jet rockets and test the waters to mollify our fears. right across the bay some animal inspection guy, on his way to the beach, takes off from the top of a cnn building that overlooks the water. at the exact same time he launches, a women in one of the offices sneezes. the combination of these two jolts disturbs the foundation of the building so much that it crumbles right into the ocean. i'm horrified as the rest of the beach roars with laughter. i ask my mom what is so funny and she responds "well sweetie, compared to the tsunami, this is nothing!".

okay...someone explain that?!!
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