December 16th, 2004


(no subject)

agh i just had a whole entry but i deleted it accidentally! okay..the major gist of it was:
1)yay for tapering
2)boo for alex getting deferred from yale when she totally deserved to get in.
3)boo for high school season starting soon and me having to swim with hte little kids because i don't go to piedmont.
4)yay for being an honorary member of the team (after all helen is the coach, alex and em are te captains) and even getting to be in their yearbook picture! (haha, people are going to see me and ask "who the fuck is that?".)
5)yay for tomorrow being the last day of school.
6)boo for having a lot of homework etc over break.
7)yay for getting to go to new york to see sarah!
9)boo for seeing mr. l today and realizing just how creepy he really is.