November 9th, 2004


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i honestly don't think i can do any more homework. i know i should. maybe if i get some of it done my heart will stop beating so fast and the muscles in my back that are currently giving me a headache will loosen up with the feeling a accomplishment. but for now i am exhausted, to anxious to think straight, and have a tension headache that hinders any motivation whatsoever to outline anymore bio chapters.

so today i didn't go to school. partially because i have been so stressed lately i just haven't known what to do with myself, and have literally felt physically sick. partially because i realized that staying home and doing work for 7 hours, swimming and doing another 4 hours of work would be much more productive than going to school. (the way i see it, i can get notes in history, band sucks anyway, and math moves at such a slow pace [i would expect ap bc calc to move more quickly] that i can read over in the text book in 15 minutes what we spent 100 minutes working on in class). So I stayed home and did 4.5 out of six bio outlines (i think that two more days will be enough time to complete 1 and a half more), two history bumper stickers and 2 history articles. I still feel overwhelemd and behind. I have barely read any of Siddhartha for English, probably have a few reading responses to catch up on (who knows when those are due?!), have not practiced saxapone in forever, have to read most of Chapter Eight in the history book, have to finish bio outlines and study them, and have to catch up on quizzes etc in history and math assignments that i have not had time to do (i hope they are due at our next test and not for the final!). I guess I will just have to get these done half-assedly in the next few days. Or maybe just not do them at all.

Then next week is finals. Do I ever get a break?!

In other sad news, my hero and future husband, Micheal Phelps, got a DUI.

And on a happier note I have found my true calling: jump roping really really quickly. I can jump 4.6 times in one second (that is 23 jumps in 5 seconds). I am rather proud of myself. Lisa and I decided that my next goal will be matching my GPA to my jump roping average per second (which will not happen this trimester unless by some miracle I get a+'s on all of my finals!). Oh what an accomplishment.

okay i am just going to go to sleep. this day needs to be over!
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