October 31st, 2004


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today was quite busy, and i got NO work done. i will really regret this tomorrow, when i will be working ALL day.

okay, so first of all i woke up at 11:30. when was the last time i did that?!?! i guess getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep each night might put me in a bit of deprivation, but it really is such a waste of the day when i sleep that late. i had an eye appt and turns out i need glasses really badly!! no fun..but they are only for school and driving. they gave me eye drops to dialate my pupils, and i couldn't really see much for several hours. reading was difficult so i went shopping with jen instead. (btw..driving is interesting on a sunny day when you can't stand brightness). only got one article of clothing at abercrombie (well done i must say!), but made up for that with an obscenely expensive key chain. oh dear.

went home and ate dinner, did a tiny bit of work, and ended up going to jessica's party. then we left, then we came back, and then it was awkward so we left again. went to smokehouse, which just isn't the same sober, and then came home.

tomorrow is going to suck soo much...i know i am not going to get everyting done, and probably end up taking a day off this week. although i really don't think i can afford to misss anymore school. oh this is bad.

ooh..to see picturs of debate last weekend go to www.livejournal.com/users/rabidhorie! it makes last weekend look like loads of fun! (actually, we kind of did have a good time, didn't we?)

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i really don't know if i got a lot done today. it was more productive than yesterday, but i don't think that i will ever feel like i have everything completely done. of course, i won't. this is insane. i really don't know what ever happened to having a life. to going out and not worrying about all the shit you have to do. ugh, school. it will be the end of me.

right now i am exhausted and just thinking of going to bed (of course after i make this cd for kittles!). i might as well take the chance to start off the week not in sleep deficit when i have the chance, because the possibility of my doing any more work tonight is very slim.

i've felt kind of in a rut lately. school is a shitload of work, but not very rewarding. i'm getting headaches every single day from not sleeping enough/knots in my back as a result of stress/straining my eyes to read things (which hopefully will be remedied once i get my glasses. i just feel like i don't have any time to do things i want to do, but then i end up wasting the time that i should spend on work on just doing nothing. i really just need a break to catch up on sleep and get everything organized and caught up. unfortunately that won't happen until after until thanksgiving, which is after finals, so that won't help.
then a week later i have sats, oh joy. i've become convinced that college ruins high school.

i have decided that when i am in charge of the world i will either
a) make the day after halloween a national holiday so that all children, big and small can go out on halloween night
b)remove the restrictions on the date of halloween (the 31st) and instead make it like easter, so that it always has to fall on a certain day of the week. this day would be friday.