September 22nd, 2004


it's too early to be this stressed about colleges.

so i heard the update lay-out was new, so i came to check it out. i guess i will post a little something as long as i am here.

so basically, i have no life. every moment seems to be taken up by swimming, debate, random student council stuff and MASSIVE amounts of school work. when i get a break from those (an extremely rare occasion), it's on to s.a.t. work or practicing saxaphone. i also start tutoring next week, oh joy. (actually, i am looking forward to doing it again, it's just a matter of whether will have time to enjoy it).

some part of me likes being this busy. i get stressed when there is nothing to do. then i see my friends actually socializing at breaks or doing stuff in the afternoons and i wonder if it is all worth it. the over-acheiver in me would never let that happen, although i feel as if i have gotten better about going out on the weekends, because i have realized that i fall apart without some sort of social interaction, even if it is at the expense of my resume.

i really miss berkeley (not the town, but the summer). its strange to have people i was so close to for five weeks seem like strangers again. these were people i felt so comfortable around and had so much fun with, and now they are just memories. i know it sounds weird , but whatever. i wish i were better at keeping in touch, but i am convinced that aim impedes on any long-distance friendships. its just not the same without them there. the other day i found my pictures from the boardwalk of me, sarah and sarah. i miss those two soo much, they were such amazing friends for just the five weeks i was there. i miss nikki and mel and everyone else as well. damn i better get to see everyone again.

anyway, i have history terms to study.