June 13th, 2004


(no subject)

why is my father crazy? he seems to be compulsively obsessed with the cleanliness of my room, and insists on treating me like a 10 year old with respect to my cleaning of it. um, i don't know if you realize this dad, but i do have all summer to clean, and there are far better things that i could be doing with my time. it pisses me off. maybe, i'll do a super duper cleaning/garbage purge if we negotiate a compromise on this car issue. ew, why am i so obsessed with that anway? i am a true product of the country-club, lafayette, bentley environment.

okay, so some of -my- priorities for the summer:
-get better at saxaphone
-spend lots of time with friends
-lots of reading (i just finished fast food nation, i'm on middlesex [fabulous by the way]. on deck are: lolita in tehran, da vinci code and confessions of max iforgethislastname. any other suggestions are welcome.)
-do some sort of community service
-get tan
-become more flexible
-miniature golf!
-meet exciting new people (and perhaps a boy?)
-start writing more
-get better at surfing (although, i don't know how that will happen seeing as the water at sc is waaay too cold for me).
-get a car (?!?!?!?!)

um yeah, thats about it. how exciting, i know. i need to make a calender of when all my friends will be here so that we can plan exciting trips and adventures.