April 10th, 2004


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the events of last night were just so weird and random that they must be recorded. sorry if you dissaprove.

so first i spent the evening with my dad. we got dinner, saw "goodbye, lenin!" and then had some coffee. I decided to stop by ayesha's afterwards, but once i got there i was having fun and decided to stay. so i mixed myself a drink, mooched a pathetic little amount of weed off of brandon and proceeded to get quite messed up. it was interesting because i haven't hung out with a bunch of the guys from school forever. next thing i knew i was driving around with alex d, and then alex and of bunch of other head-royce guys.

this is when my night got a lot better. somehow, we (four straight guys and myself) ended up at a GAY FRAT PARTY(??!). Oh my god, I have never been around so many fashionable and flamboyant men in my life. It was great, especially when the guys started to get fashion advice from them. they were all sooo sweet though. however, when a group of realy drunk guys started to pull alex in the hot tub and fondle him, we figured that may have been crossing the line a little bit. still, it was quite an experience.

somehow i ended up at hillell (who is weird)'s house, with no car or cell phone. when i finally did make it back to ayesha's, i had gotten a fucking parking ticket! no one ever told me about two hour parking there.

today im doinng a yoga class with papa brown, and then probably going back to ayesha's house and hopefully have a girl's night out.