April 8th, 2004


(no subject)

shit shit shit. i forgot to talk to jordan about not going to claremont mckenna. i doubt priya remembered either. i still can't go, but this may be a sticky situation.

so, after tomorrow (which will consist of facing a chem test of which i do not know the contents) and a public speaking test (for which i forgot the materials at school) i will be on spring vacation! i'm really looking forward to it, although i'm going to have a shitload of work to do. i made the unfortunate mistake of arranging plans with my father tomorrow night so i guess i will miss out at ayesha's, but maybe i can come over super late. then i will be homeless on saturday night because both of my parents have dates and i am therefore not welcome in their homes (which are also my own homes!). i will probably just go to the show, but i don't know of anyone else who is going. let me know if you are. if not then i will invite myself someplace. (offers are now being accepted).

tomorrow i will have gone one week without cassi. that is the longest i have ever gone without my sister! it's so empty here without her, i miss her. the least she could do is call! i bet she is using her calling card to call all of her friends while neglecting her poor little sister. well fine, i guess we now know her true colors.

i really need to do something fun this weekend before i go away, and next weekend when i get back. i also really need to read like 100 pages of history and my town meetin speech. ahh...too much work, too little play.