April 2nd, 2004


(no subject)

so i'm in la right now with my crazy jewish grandparents. my grandma is the most racist, conservative person ever...but it's just so funny the way she says things. she really just doesn't know any better.

I wasn't at school today because my dad and I came down here to visit Pomona. I know it's kind of early to be doing these sorts of things, but at least I missed a history test. But oh my god, I love that school. Despite the fact that it is in Socal, the campus is really pretty, and you don't have to suffer east coast weather. it made me want to go to college so badly. i'm already sick of high school.

of course now my dad is all hyped up about the college search, and has decided that we need to establish a solid extracurricular agenda to add to my resume. Too bad i have no special talents.

now to watch a movie with the crazy fam....