March 30th, 2004


(no subject)

today had no point. in chem i had to fight with every inch of my strenth to stay awake while hogan copied a problem from the book onto the board, despite the fact that it was supposedly the hardest thing we will do all year. study hall i got nothing done and in english we watched slaughterhouse five, but i accidently fell asleep. i woke up to one of those dreams where you feel like your falling. it was a scary experience. spanish we had a sub who seems to have a severe dislike for teaching or teenagers or something. now i'm home and i barely have any homework. i've tried studying for history but nothing is processing. ahh...why am i screwed.

i think i might just have to email manatt back telling him that he really shouldn't keep our grades hostage. i realize he wants ms. kahn and the administration to do certain things for him, but honestly the students and their grades should not be involved. grow up man. we are already screwed enough and the least the guy could do is be a little bit mature about all of this.