January 4th, 2004


(no subject)

name : Jessie
2. single or taken : single
3. sex : female
4. birthday : 02-24-1988
sign : pices
6. siblings : twin sister cassi
7. eye colour :brown
8. hair colour : brown

do u have any bf/gf : nope
do u have crush : unfortunately not..i'm just -that- boring
Fashion |
where is ur favorite place to shop? : crossroads...i you have enough patience to search through everything you can find some pretty cute cheap stuff
tattoos or piercings? : no tatoos, two piercings on each ear and a nose.

do u do drugs? : not really
what shampoo do u use? : herbal essences
what are u most scared of? : losing loved ones, cliffs, etc.
who is the last person that called you? : probably my mom
color : light pink and light blue
food : japanese or mexican
boys name :i dunno
girls names : i don't know either
subjects in school : anything but apchem
animals : pigs
sports : swimming
drink : water, smoothies, wine

you wish you could live somewhere else: sometimes
you think about suicide : I think everyone has at one point
you believe in online dating : i know people who it has worked for, but i would never do it.
others find you attractive : not sure.
do you want more piercings : not really..maybe a cartilage or navel
you drink : yeah
you do drugs : not really
you smoke : only the hookah occasionally
you like cleaning : sometimes.
you like roller coasters : yeah, except when my head gets knocked around.

Have you...
ever cried over a girl? : yes...in a friend way.
ever cried over a boy? : probably...although no particular instance comes to mind.
ever lied to someone? : yep
ever been arrested? : no

of times i have been in love : none
of times i have had my heart broken : zero
of hearts i have broken : one if you count nathan (haha)
of girls i have kissed : I kiss my friends, it's not a big deal
of boys i have kissed : i don't keep track but its probably not many.
of girls i've slept with : sexually, none
of boys i've slept with : none
of drugs taken illegaly : 1
of people i consider my enemies : zero

Do you think you are....
pretty : sometimes
funny : not usually
hot : eh
friendly : i try
ugly : at times
loveable : by some
caring : i try
sweet : when i want to be
dorky : being a dork is what i do best
geeky : yeah