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November 19th, 2003

Posted on 2003.11.19 at 16:08
Why is it only Wednesday? This has been the LONGEST WEEK EVER, and it's only half way over. It just needs to be Friday (after my history test, of course) right now. I left school early today because I had a headache and needed a break from all that. And you all say I'm not a slacker?

Our "sex, drugs, rock and roll" speaker was amusing, yet pointless. Because of all of Jade's little 'lectures', I pretty much knew like all of the facts he told us. The guy pretty much gave us the O.K. on doing drugs, as long as we were educated on what exactly they were and how they affected us. What a Bentley approach to things. The best part was when he was reading through the questions we had given him and he read Eli's: "What is the point? 'the horror, the horror' (Kurtz, Heart of Darkness)". YES, THE CITATION WAS EVEN THERE.

Basically the speaker made me realize that I need a little bit more substantial of a sex life. (haha, cass..i guess we are on the same boat!).

In other news I am now going over to Rachel's to study for history, which although is helpful, will also make me even more stressed out about it because she always FREAKS OUT about things, making me anxious as well.

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