November 15th, 2003


(no subject)

i feel the need to update because i haven't in so long, but i really have nothing important to say. let's see...what is going on in the world of jessie...

-no tests last week! ...unfortunately i have like four next week.

-i saw kean last night, which was really good. it was the second actual bentley play i have been to since i've been there. and they say i have no school spirit? psh..

-people have been acting stupid and immature, but that's to be expected. (not to be a bitch or anything...)

-i've been driving A LOT watch out on the roads! my parents want me to drive part of the way to LA for thanksgiving...ah shit.

-i HATE this weather!

-my parents are making me cut back on the caffeine. (its not like i even have THAT much..just a cup of coffee in the morning to get me going). They say its bad for me, which is true, but I say they should lead by example! OF course it goes without saying that these past few mornings have been quite tough for me.

-LAUREN W., you're starting debate, right? can i try it with you? i just realized i REALLY need credits because i've never ever done anything with bentley.

oh man that was the stupidest entry ever.