October 19th, 2003


(no subject)

oh man, i think i might be going to spain next summer! i've been doing my research, and the most interesting programs are all about four weeks long. that seems like a fucking long ass time, i've definitely never been away from home for that long, and definitely from my family. we'll see how i feel about it later though, it's only october right now.

let's see...the weekend: just homework yesterday and lots of driving (all the way to ayesha's house!), and then out for some funtimes with lauren (soo great to see you babe!), katy, katie, kate, tessa, alex and cass at blondies/safeway (crazy homegirl!) and lhs. all you girls are so fun to hang out with.

today...i bascially did NOTHING, except see "intolerable cruelty" with my parents for my dad's birthday (haha, i know, what a treat!). then i came home, did more nothing, and then got addicted to yet another stupid wb show ("one tree hill"? all i know is that there is a really hot guy in it).

tomorrow, i have nothing except a stupid appointment, right smack dab in the middle of ap chem. mother, how many times have i told you no appointments at the beginning of the day?! oh yeah, and then psat's on tuesday. i was definitely going to be the uber over achiever that i am and take the sample test this weekend, but then decided to be a slacker instead. i'll at least look over it tomorrow...maybe.

just one more week and then a no homework three day weekend.