October 18th, 2003


(no subject)

whoa..okay, so why exactly did i go to the dance? i definitely didn't think i was going to, but then made the stupid decision of being more social. there were a few fun parts, and everyone looked really cute, but most of it was spent being cynical with priya (and making friends with freshmen! haha). i have to admit though, it was hilarious seeing jen, alex, etc. TRYING to dance all up and people like Ilya and Barclay?! hahaha, we made fun of how embarassed we were for them. (not that i have anything againts those girls though!).

the rest of the day yesterday was wiieeerd. I had WAAY too much caffeine early on in the day and was basically bouncing off the walls until lunch. Then I basically felt dead for the rest of the day with a really bad migraine. I told Hoerner that i had a headache and he let me sleep during english rather than write the in class essay. nice.

today i have to drive...all of my friends are so much better than i am and get their permits after i do. on my schedule is also homework (of course), getting over the fact that i have still never had a visitor! (that one was for you lauren w.), and possibly some good times tonight? i hope so.