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October 14th, 2003


why is this the nerdiest entry ever.

Posted on 2003.10.14 at 22:21
Question stolen from Emily Betty: If my life were a movie (because you know my life is just so dramatic and exciting) which actress would play me?

And now just a little rant: I'm so sick of people just not taking things seriously or really being honest about anything. I just want to tell everyone to cut the bullshit, or at least just open their eyes to see that not everything that seems unfamiliar or uncomfortable has to be freaking laughed at. Because most things definitely aren't nearly as foreign as they seem. And some of these just aren't jokes.

Also, because Meredith totally stroked my ego in one of her entries, I'm going to have to do the same to her. Haha. So... Meredith rocks for being so dedicated to riding and missing out on so many crappy social events so that she can do as well as she does in it. I'm so proud of her for being so incredibly awesome at riding and I wish that I was that great at ANYTHING! How you ride that horse the way you do girrrl? (ahh...so corny, but i mean it!)

Other than that not much is going on. Although I thought it was impossible I have even more appointments this week than last week. My life right now consists of mostly doctors (and all that shit) and schoolwork, with a little bit of saxaphone, midrasha. east bay humane society volunteering and working out (swimming just once a fucking week! better than before but still not a substantial amount to make it actually seem like i'm back, so boo). What's missing? How about a SOCIAL LIFE?! yeah...so, that's a total pessimistic and cynical outlook, but I think we have already established my drama queen tendencies.

oh yeah, and if its possible, i think i'm becoming even more a nerd.

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