October 6th, 2003


Suga how you get so fly?!

do you ever want to have a 'breakfast club' experience? i certainly do. i don't think it would really work at bentley though seeing as EVERYONE knows eachother, and so many people are so similar, but a girl can dream that someday her life will be like her favorite 80's movie.

I've spent most of this weekend studying for the AP MEH test.. Went out for a little bit on Saturday, and then last night to a sucky show at the Outhouse. (but got to see KATIEJONES to wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). I've just been in a sucky mood for whatever reason, and feel like I haven't had like a REALLY GOOD time in a while.

School's alright...most of my classes are kind of lonely though, because none of my friends are in barely any of them. (meredith and i rock it in history though! haha.) The extent of Hoerner's concern about my well being is a little annoying. My goodness man! You weren't even there last year, and just because you're sophomore dean does not mean that every time I come in late you have to search me out and ask me if i'm okay! hahah.

alright, back to studying the protestant reformation on yom kippur. :/