September 28th, 2003


(no subject)

Cassi, i think we might be twins. You always write the exact same thing in your journal that I'm about to write in mine.

Anyway, last night was kind of strange, and definitely a let down. There were some good times (hanging with lindsay and emily, dancing during kgb, katie and vicky and their absolute awesomeness <3, etc.) but I guess i'm not the only one who wasn't have the greatest time.

I was ready to go to sleep when we got to solemite's (I was just in the worst mood for some reason, and really just felt like crying), and for some reason we thought we would be able to sleep better at ronnie's? okay, yeah, maybe we did until there were three people in his bed and everytime anyone moved it would make the loudest sound ever. and then of course whenever I would leave cassi and him alone, the creep in ronnie would definitely come out. ew.

okay, i think i need to just say fuck homework and go to bed RIGHT NOW. i definitely need it.

oh, and PS-random moment of the night #564723: running into alex and meredith at BART?! man, i should have just hung out with you girls! lots of love. (happy meredith?!)