September 16th, 2003


(no subject)

The past two weeks of stress (sources of this vary) have culminated into one huge migraine that has lasted for the past several days. So, while I should be at Midrasha tonight, I'm giving myself a much needed break. The last thing my head needs is a bunch to be surrounded by a bunch of Piedmonters on one side, and former Julia Morganers on the other.

Okay, so I totally bombed my first test of the year (in AP Chem). Of course, everyone did, but it still bums me out. At least now I know what to expect (and it's a lot harder than I thought), so hopefully I'll be better prepared next time. A lot of kids are dropping out (and some might say that I should, judging from my current grade in the class), but I think I'm too proud to do that. Haha. We'll see how the next test goes, and take it from there. It's very possible I may be the only girl left in the class though.

Friday, I have an AP MEH test, and oh my god I'm going to do just as badly on this one. I just know its going to be hell, and I probably should be studying right now.

Alright, so I obviously have nothing exciting to say because I've spent all my time lately either studying, working, or attending various doctor's appointments. Um yeah, I know it's not summer anymore, but can't I please just have a little bit of fun? Shit son.