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August 31st, 2003


i have a fucking ear infection!

Posted on 2003.08.31 at 09:59
okay...does anyone else think that lil' bow wow is hot sans braids?! i most definitely think so! (and why did i just see lizzie mcguire all over him on ET?!...hell no bitch)

last night we went and saw 'freaky friday' with becca, because everyone else is such flakes (Grr...ladies, why do all of our friends such?!). The movie was cute, but of course we had more fun going to unos later and acting like idiots. that girl is like a party in herself. I wish we went to school together, but then again i'd probably hate her if we did.

okay..so lisa and meredith and whatever other bentley people read this...tell what you think about this: so, since dr. k was giving me shit last year about not being in any clubs, i thought i'd be involved this year and start one of my own. kind of like a bentley fights eating disorders club, which would basically have fundraisers for organizations that fund treatment and help promote awareness about eating disorders. and also try to have the club do a little bit of that ourselves. i guess i'd just see how it goes from there and see if other people have ideas...but i was just wondering if that sounds like a pointless, stupid idea or if you think it would actually work. so PLEASE let me know.

ps- i got a new icon! i barely ever have pictures of myself. you dig?
pps- congratulations to cassi for getting a part in the play! i'm such a proud sister!

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