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August 26th, 2003

Posted on 2003.08.26 at 21:10
agh...why am i getting sick?! this sucks, all of a a sudden i can barely talk and my throat hurts. no fun.

i had my first behind the wheel training today, which was alright. kind of scary because almost all the streets here are either really narrow or kind of busy, so i bet a lot of people were getting pissed at me. also the car was hell of ghetto and messed up. my instructor made me drive to piedmont ave. and 711 so she could get cheetos.

also i went swimming (for like 30 minutes) and jamba juice today with some of the team. really, i'm not supposed to be swimming but fuck it.

okay, i really have nothing interesting to say. tomorrow i have to talk to my teachers about finals (uugh, please no) which i really do not want to study for. i also still haven't even STARTED on my music term paper, and i really don't want to. i probably should start thinking about that though.
oh, and in case you care (aka you are one of the bentley people who read this), here's my schedule for next year (this isn't the order of my periods so i don't know if i'm in your class):

World Lit (honors? i don't know...is there an honors english class? if so then i am in it)
Honors Pre-calc
AP Modern European History
AP Chemistry
Honors Spanish III
Ceramics (although now i'm kind of wishing i signed up for jazz band)

fun stuff. definitely not ready for summer to be over and start hanging out with a bunch of people i don't like. (not to say there aren't girls that i love, it's just there's a whole bunch of bitches i'm not looking forward to seeing either).i hope i still get to do things that i enjoy, and i should (hopefully) be able to get back to swimming at least a little more soon...so maybe that will help me deal? ewww...why am i so dramatic?

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