August 25th, 2003


jessie brown with weekend update.

okay, first of all, i got my permit! after going to the dmv FOUR times today (five in the past four days) and waiting for several hours with a bunch of ghetto oakland homies, i now have to wait six more months until i can drive. (hopefully getting my license won't be such a hassle).

too bad today had to suck beyond belief because i had a fun weekend. saturday's show was fun, although i barely watched any of it. spent most of the time chilling outside, and i don't know where the time went. died of heat during the bit of solemite's set we did go in for, but had an awesome time dancing around like crazy with everyone. (much love girls). we must have looked hilarious.

before going to the party i somehow managed to navigate katie, vicky and tessa to safeway where katie (i'll pay you back the next time i see you!) bought us some wild vines (yumm, it's like liquid candy with a kick!). The party was fun when we got there I just remember a whole bunch of random shit. Cassi and Jackie or someone taught me how to smoke the hookah, and then everyone dissapeared so i made a friend and smoked a little bit more with him. the dance party was not quite what i had anticipated, so for some godforsaken reason i started one of my own (which soon after turned into a makeout party) with some guy names eric (or aaron? the music was loud). i don't think that lasted very long because he was a bad kisser, a boring conversationalist (although he did have good taste in music) and seemed somewhat annoyed that "obviously all i wanted to do was kiss" (damn right boy). whatever...

next thing i knew everyone was gone and a whole bunch of girls who are my age were running around with no tops and being just plain obnoxious. we tried to go to sleep but it was impossible with everyone being so god damn loud. i seriosuly wanted to cry. when i finally did fall asleep, i was woken up shortly after by some girl like fucking orgasming in the next room, so i went upstairs to talk/ fall asleep with the few people who were still up. somehow i ended back downstairs again, where i couldn't really get fully to sleep. the next morining i could barely talk, but after a couple of cups of black coffee it was aokay.

in conclusion it was a fun night and i was glad to talk to people who i usually don't talk to all that much, but there was also a whole lot of annoyances.