August 18th, 2003


pointless...but at least not dramatic like usual.

Okay...I know that this may sound completely materialistic and unintelligent, but isn't it rewarding when you go shopping and are actually able to buy things that you are happy with? (of course later the reality hits you that you are completely broke and REALLY need to start babysitting devil children again). Honestly, this hasn't happened for me in a long time (somehow my money has managed to dissappear anyway), so I'm quite pleased.

Yesterday I went to Broadway Plaza with Becca when we embarked on the impossible mission: to find pants that actually fit us. Both of us have short legs, and while I lack an ass completely and have scrawny little thighs and hips, Becca's could not for the life of her find a pair of pants for her booty and SUPER buff legs (they're like rocks!). We distressed and contemplated over how the models' pants fit them so well. If they are so damn skinny, shouldn't the back pockets go down to like their knees due to their asslessness? (like all my pants..grr). But no, they seem to fit them perfectly, and of course everything looks super cute on models/manequins(sp?), but crappy on normal people. In the end..I was semi-sucessful. I found pants that fit me pretty well, were super comfortable, and an obscene amount of money. I bought them anyway because I honestly have not gotten new pants in a year.

Anyway, it was nice to see Becca again. Love that girl and I don't see enough of her. We might get out belly buttons pierced together, although i'm still not quite sure if I want mine done. How the hell would it look on an outie? There would be the jewel part (I don't know the anatomy of a navel ring) and then a pertruding belly button in the way? I don't know.

Did I just manage to write a whole entry about shopping? Oh boy.

P.S...Note to my parents: please do not leave any extra coffee in the pot because I WILL drink it and then the caffeinne makes me really anxious.