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August 8th, 2003

Posted on 2003.08.08 at 11:43
okay, so i definitely don't want to work on my term papers right now, so i'll update. I seriously have so much to do with all of my make-up work, summer reading assignments and permit shit, i think that i've turned into a slacker.

this week has been pretty chill, with random point of drama on my part, but i won't go into that. Spent a good part of it with Eshi, mixed with a little bit of Sara and Lisa (oh yeah, and of course Cass). Lots of laughs and overall good times with those girls. We had lots of ghetto encounters on Telegraph the other day (no education, no graduation, you in a fucked up situation!) and I swear walking down the street with Cass and Lisa is dangerous. Haha...there are just too many creeps out there.

Also, the other day was my last day swimming with John as my coach. I'm going to miss him, and it totally sucks that I couldn't swim this summer (still barely can, fuckah) because everything is going to be different. Iso and Marissa are also leaving (who will talk about crappy tv shows with me in the shower?) and Dana is going to be doing cross country. Eh, oh well, it's not like I'm going to able to swim that much for a while anyway, which really pisses me off. If this had never happened everything could be normal and happy now. I just feel so stupid.

Okay...anyway...we're off to San Diego tomorrow. I'm not all that enthusiastic, but I think that we might get a visit from Jess when we're down there! I miss her like crazy.

One last thing: since when did I become so boy crazy? jeesus, this is hilarious. Everywhere I go it's all "dayum, he's hot!" and I'm watching the stupidest TV shows (i.e. "The OC") just to see the cute actors. Haha.

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