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July 8th, 2003

Posted on 2003.07.08 at 15:02
Okay...update time. Not really that much to say. I've been in a horrible mood lately so I've been waaay too unproductive, which I absolutely hate. It's just that, you know when you're upset or pissy you really don't want to do anything that you KNOW you're supposed to do. Eh...I'll get around to it. Soon, I hope.

Right now I'm sooo tired. I woke up this morning for swimming for the first time since April. I nearly died; I'm incredibly out of shape. It felt good though and I was really glad to be back. So what if the doctor's don't want me swimming yet? They have all told me that my heart is doing well and that I'm healthy, they just want me to gain more weight. I will do that, I just can't have them controlling every little thing in my life anymore.

Last week I didn't really do much. Had a horrible appointment on Monday which kind of ruined my whole week. On Friday I went to the Piedmont Parade and ran down the street like an idiot spraying water at little kids. Then I hung out with Emily and Dana for a bit. The rest of the weekend I did absolutely nothing. How exciting.

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