June 29th, 2003



Oh. My. Fucking. God. Excuse me while I go explode. I seriosuly think I consumed about 4,000 calories today; half of which I've eaten in the past two hours. I can barely move, but the thought of being able to get back to swimming keeps me going! I get weighed in tomorrow and if all goes well then I can go back this week. If not, then I'll MAKE them fit me in for another appointment sometime within the next few days, and during that time I guess I'll will just have to continue to stuff myself to the point of immobility.

Okay, but enough about that. I could go waaay into what's been up with me lately, but I complain too much already in here. I've realized how annoying it is when people complain about their seemingly perfect lives in their journals, (I know, it's there journal, they can say what they want)so in my attempt to avoid being a total hyprocrite, I'll keep this entry rather up-beat pollyanna positive.

So other than eating and lots of appointments (ew therapy, ew nutritionist, ew stanford you need to die, and dr. mary jones won't you please shut up and let me be on my merry way) what have I been doing this summer? Well, I've been taking MATH. Now, I could attempt to save myself from being labelled a complete nerd here (not that it's not already apparent by the way I'm writing this entry...what the hell?!?!?) and say that my parents made me do it, but then I'd be lying. I'm taking it with Dana Isokowa, and oh my goodness that family makes me feel so unmotivated and unaccomplished. It's good that she's there though, because a)I have someone to talk to and save me from the annoying kids who seem to always be asking me questions (?) and b)she is always saying how much everyone at swimming misses me, which makes me want to go back EVEN MORE.

Oh yeah, by the way I am the ONLY WHITE GIRL in this class. I'm not even kidding one bit. Everyone else is Asian, or Ethnic in some way.

In other news, I'm DYING to read the new Harry Potter book, but am not allowing myself to do so until I finish my summer reading. I thought I was almost done with one book for English, until Priya tells me that the assigned reading on the website was for last year. I want to cry. I have SO MUCH work for this summer. I have the homework for my math class, I have to make up two months work of work from 6 classes, PLUS four books of summer reading and essays. I guess I could have gotten a head start on all of this while I was at home all that time at the end of the school year, or trapped in my bead at the hospital, but I suck. Plus, HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO FOCUS?!? I was ill!

Okay, enough trying to make myself feel better. Here's a survey, just to waste more time:
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Oh yeah, PS- the show last night was pretty boring. :(