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June 11th, 2003


Lazy Girl Update

Posted on 2003.06.11 at 16:37
I really don't feel like making a real entry so here's the past couple of days.

+Show saturday seeing lots of great people and good bands.
+Show Sunday seeing same bands again and just having great chill time
-Freaking out about lying. (Of course we got away with it)
+Lisa coming over on Monday.
-Barely being able to spend any time with her because of stupid appointment.
-Driving school
-Anxiety attacks like whoa. I can't find anything that I can't freak out over.
+Gaining weight.
-the doctors not getting there shit together and giving me some fucking answers. Ok, now that I'm doing what I need to do, how about you follow through on what you said you were goin to do so loong ago. IT would make things a whole lot easier.
-LA this weekend.

I just wish I could now how everything was going to turn out, and I couldn control how everything was going to happen. I feel like I need to know everything NOW, even though I'm positive that I won't like the answer.

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