March 16th, 2003


i think i'm much too tighty wound for someone my age.

How is it that I don't barely go out on the weekends (I know, who loser-ish) yet I still manage to get nothing done? Weekend homework should be outlawed. We all work hard and majorly stress out during the week, telling ourselves we just have to make it to the weekend and we'll get a break. But no, teachers have decided that teenagers don't need breaks, we just need more tedious work causing us even more stress.

I've decided to do as little work as possible this weekend. Unfortunatley seems like everyone else is doing work, so I have nooothiiing to do. Jeez, I thought that weekends were supposed to be fun?

I'm so frusterated with everything right now. No matter how much I study, I just can't seem to remember things, which never really was a problem for me. I've gotten so much slower at swimming despite the fact that I have been working so much harder on it lately. I'm just always stressed out about one thing or another, no matter how stupid or irrational that thing may be.

Okay, I'm being very dramatic. This is not how I always feel, it's just how I'm feeling right now. I need something to do to get my mind off all this.