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March 2nd, 2003

Posted on 2003.03.02 at 11:04
Could it be? Is this really my second day in a row updating? I think so...

Yesterday my grandma called and told my dad that it was imperative as a relative of many who perished in the Warsaw ghettos that he take me and Cassi to see 'The Pianist'. I was a bit reluctant too see it seeing as I have been seeing way too many slowpaced movies lately (and this movie was very slow and very long) but it was extremely good, and very powerful. Probably one of the most difficult movies to watch that I've seen though, I swear, I got a headache just from some scenes. The thought that so many people could act with such apathy, and hostility, towards suffering disgusts me. Anyway, it was wonderfully made and very thought provoking and I strongly suggest that you go see it.

The show last night was a lot of fun. Bullet's 'n Octane met my expectations (i'm listening to their cd right now), and (I must agree with you Lauren) play a much better 'Rebel Yell' than Solemite. I had a great time just dancing with everyone during Solemite's set and their new song is pretty good; it's about time they had written something new. After the show we just chilled outside for like an hour, freezing our asses off, acting like nerds and making fun of mexi-mullets (haha!).

Probably the best part of last night was just seeing everyone and hanging out with them:
-Lindsay (I don't know if you'll read this), but thank you soo much for the gifts! I loooove the CD, and those wallets are great. I was so happy to see you last night, and hope to see you again as soon as possible.
-Esen! So great to see you as always and I had a lot of fun hanging out with you last night. Thanks for the ride too.
Also great to see Gretchen, Katie, Lauren, Sarah, Erin, the two other Jess's, Chelsea, Stella, etc. and to meet Tanner...very cool kid.

I don't want to do homework today...

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