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March 1st, 2003

Posted on 2003.03.01 at 09:47
I am sooo unbelievable tired. We have been doing weights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and it's seriously killing me. I cannot move. Then I went to practice this morning (half asleep) with the motivation of going out to breakfast afterwards, but that never really happened. Just Marissa and I ended up getting Noah's, and now I have a stomach ache and I don't know why.

School lately has sucked. The week got better as it went on (besides Monday, which was fun!) but when I first got back to school all I could think about was how I did not want to be there. Once I got back into the routine of things it wasn't so bad...I guess. Seems my friends have gotten ever more stupid over the break. It needs to be summer, right now.

The other day Jon told us that he was leaving the team in August. As pissed and fed up with him as I get sometimes, I really don't want him to leave. Any other coach we get will be so different, and it will be like starting a new team (new types of workouts and sets, etc). We had some guy who might replace him coach us this morning...oh god, I do not want him to be our coach next year.

I need to go back to sleep. See some of you tonight!

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