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February 23rd, 2003

Posted on 2003.02.23 at 08:34
I have sucked about updating lately. Actually, it's not entirely my fault because I have tried to update a few times in the past week but my computer/LJ sucks and therefore would not let me.

So..my break was alright. Pretty boring, but it had some fun parts and was definitely a welcome break from school. (Which, by the way, I reaallly do not want to go back to. I can honestly say I've never disliked school this much before. GAH.)I also procrastinated probably the most I have in a long time, and ended up having to read a (shitty) 400 page book within the past day and a half, and I'll have to write a report on it today. I also have my other homework. God, I suck.

The show last night was really fun. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday, I love you all!<3<3 And thanks to Lyzi and Danielmite for the CD's, both are awesome (edited to add: Lyzi...just finished listening to your CD and I heard the last song. Oh my god, soo great!). It was pretty boring until Suburban Legends played (as usual), Cassi and I just wandered around and ended up having a funny conversation with Mike. Suburban Legends were fucking awesome! They seriously need to move to the Bay Area, they put on the best show! Solemite also had an especially great set (they played 'Just What I Needed'!) and I had a great time, except for getting like soaking wet from people throwing water. After we went back to the house for like half an hour, but we had to get home.

Tomorrow is our birthday! It seems like we've been 14 forever...

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