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January 6th, 2003

Posted on 2003.01.06 at 21:00
Ohhwee. Life is good. This is my fourth week not having actual school. Next week is my fifth. The following week has four day. Three weeks later we have ski week. Then it's my birthday!

Anyway, Minicourses. Well, yes, they are incredibly boring, but a welcome change of pace indeed. In the morning I'm in Spanish Cinema with Ms. Deguzman. She is the most energetic person in the world! My god, the woman is on speed! Kirin, Ayesha, Lisa, Eric and Christine (blah but good because she is losing her voice) are in it, so at least I can have someone to pass the boredom with. I'm sure it will get more interesting over the next two weeks, plus we get to watch lots of Spanish movies! (Why is it that Foreign films are always so good?). The class might also go into Berkeley (an adventure for those native Lafayettians) to see "Talk To Her" (which I would see anyway).

Afternoon. Oh my god. I am in the class that no one wanted. All of us were kids who didn't get into any of their top nine preferences were put. It's Responding to Art. No, not making art, or even learning how to make it. We simply look at different pieces and write in poems how they make us feel. I could have died of boredom! Mads, Priya and I wrote such deep, artistic sounding poems though. We should publish them.

So I went all the way to Holy Names today for swim practice and no one came! What the hell? John just sent me back and told me to get new shoes, thank you very much.

On another note: I got the maximum amount of points on my history project! I was so happy, and tried not to laugh too hard at Ms. Christine "I'm so smart at math because my professor dad tells me all the answers and I always blurt out in class before anyone else has a chance to so the teachers can think I'm the only one who knows everything" W. got a C. I know, I'm so mean. (I'm also still better than she is in math, by the way).

I would read this over and make sure that it makes sense, but it's time for Everwood!

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