January 2nd, 2003


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Okay! Corny post time!

So, I do think that New Years is highly overrated, and it really doesn't mean all that much to me. I've never been all too sentimental of a person. However, it is a time marker so I guess I can record a few reflections and resolutions in here.

Overall, I think that it's been a good year. For one, I met all of you which I am very thankful for. I love you all and I hope to become closer with some of you in the year to come. I wish that I could see most of you guys more often, seeing as you are all so different from the majority of my friends from school, and often provide a much needed break from some of their ever so annoying characteristics.

This year I also started high school-a big change which I'm still not sure was a welcome one. I've lost touch with some people who I was very close with just a few months ago and have been somewhat unable to form the same connections with the new girls- although I have begun to make an effort. I've just been glad that I do have some of the girls that I grew up with there with me; the ones who actually know me.

Over the past 365 days I snuck out for my first time (leading to my first groundation), cut my hair the shortest it's been for a veeerrry long time, developed a strange addiction to peppermint tea and chocolate milk, gone through many different phases, and I think changed a lot. Hopefully, I've changed for the better (I think that I have).

For the year to come I hope to:
*Read more
*write something
*less tv/internet
*eat less candy
*stop biting my nails
*actually get involved in something
*grow taller (looking doubtful)
*stress less; do more
*stop procrastinating so much
*stop wasting my time just nodding my head to people who I can't stand
*start playing the piano again
*try to open up more to more people
*try to be nicer to my parents
*keep up on more current events (so I can sound intelligent!)
*expand vocabulary

Such cliche resolutions (most having to do with being more productive), and such a cheesy entry. I just hope that I can accomplish some of these things!